Table Ordering

BAEATS provides a contactless environment where your diners can order food from you with a simple tap of their finger. Facilitating social distancing, safety and supreme convenience, this customisable app for restaurants puts your brand in the spotlight. The restaurant ordering system helps you take orders from your patrons without making the staff take handwritten notes.

Your customers can use the mobile restaurant app to order at their tables rather than wait for the attendants. Our sophisticated table ordering system speeds up the entire process and helps in serving customers quickly during peak hours. It also reduces your dependency on the staff to take orders when the customers are pouring in dozens.

Online Ordering

The online food ordering system offers a seamless experience to your clients to order their favourite dishes while maintaining social distancing. The customisable app for restaurants allows your customers to directly order from you without relying on food delivery apps that consist of a long list of competitors.

Your customers can order from your personalised mobile restaurant app and enjoy a sumptuous meal, whether they need a takeaway, delivery, or plan to dine-in. It improves the accessibility of the eatery for the customers and takes away competition from the picture while maintaining all safety protocols.

Table Booking

Keep tabs on reservations, tables, and the clock while serving your customers. With BAEATS, you can better manage your orders and track reservations without making any human errors or confusions that can make the customers switch to the competition.

Table bookings need a reservation system, and you can have it handy with the table booking feature of ourmobile restaurant app. It is adaptable, quick, and stable, so you do not need technical expertise to set it up.You will have complete control over your orders and can supervise each one with maximum ease.

Point of Sale (POS)

With an efficient Point of Sale (POS) feature included in BAEATS, you can keep track of your sales, customers, orders, and bookings. The modern POS system is entirely digital and allows restaurant owners to manage their orders and bookings anytime and anywhere. All you need is a tablet, mobile phone, or laptop to manage your business on the go.

Our efficient POS solution helps you to bring down the waiting time for customers and satisfy them with excellent customer service. The system does away with the risk of making errors and builds a robust and secure solution for managing all operations.

Your Own Branded Customised Restaurant App

BAEATS createsa customised mobile restaurant app for your food business. Have your valued customers order directly from your business through your branded app and see your revenue grow.

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Customer Retention For Higher Profits

BAEATS allows restaurateurs to get repeat orders from existing customers by converting them into brand loyalists. The diverse customer retention features of the App make it easier than ever to retain your customers.

Customer Management System

Besides providing a systematic restaurant ordering system, BAEATS allows you to manage your diners with an efficient customer management system. It helps in keeping track of your customer’s personal information, favourite dishes, loyalty points, and gift vouchers. Thus, you can create a database with customer profiles that will aid in exceeding their expectations and amplifying your profits through ultimate customer satisfaction.

Any customer who purchases at your business has a 60% chance of becoming a repeat customer. It is an encouraging statistic, particularly for restaurant owners. Consider what your restaurant could achieve if three out of every five guests who were served returned for a second or third helping. BAEATS can make it possible for your business with its outstanding customer management solution.

Loyalty Program

Customers that are loyal and dedicated to your business can help in expansion as they offer word-of-mouth publicity and bring repeat orders at frequent intervals. They are the brand ambassadors who promote your business in return for incentives received from you. Thus, BAEATS has a specialised loyalty program feature that helps you to offer rewards to committed customers for their regular orders.

You can provide them with discounts and coupon codes for their next purchase so that they keep coming back. Retaining a customer is more cost-effective than acquiring a new one. So, you can make your business grow with minimal effort using the loyalty program feature on this app for restaurants.

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You can create tailored promotions with the help of BAEATS. The customisable mobile restaurant appgives you the freedom to brainstorm your ideas and build a promotional strategy that works best for your business. You can boost your sales by running weekly and seasonal promotions that will help you to retain your valued customers.

Promotions are needed to create a buzz around the brand and attract customers who are on the lookout for discounts. It helps in standing out from competitors and enhancing brand awareness. You can improve both foot-traffic, online food ordering and takeaways through the promotions offered on the app and enjoy increased profits.

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BAEATS extends the advantage of creating and giving away custom gift vouchers to customers, which can be shared with friends and family. Purchasing gifts can be difficult, but with a BAEATS voucher system, you can build a personalised voucher for your customers.

Vouchers will attract more customers and bring referrals to your doorstep as they can be shared with others. It helps in building a strong reputation for the business as customers can save money and enjoy delicious meals at the same time. The limited period offer makes people come back to avail the discount earlier than expected and increases sales. These incentives go a long way in establishing a loyal customer base and maintaining a positive cash flow.

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